Armand Schaubroeck Steals

And he might even lie, too...

I was introduced to Armand Schaubroeck while I was working as the Music Director at WIDR. Seems some folks at Mirror Records wanted to unload some old ASS material, so they sent us the 3 LP classic "A lot of people would like to see Armand Schaubroeck... DEAD!" I fell in love with it, and set up an interview with Armand. I was provided with more music, and now have a little bit of a collection... and since there is a void of Armand Schaubroeck information on the web, I will try to spell it all out for you folks... I do have a phone interview with Armand from 1991 which I will try to add at some point, as well as the essay that I wrote based on that interview and other assorted sources... until then...

Let's start with some pictures... cause that's what I have, and they're easy to scan... more on the way soon...

Armand Schaubroeck - Kill Me
"Kill me"
Publicity Photo
Brothers Schaubroeck
Brothers Schaubroeck in front of the H.O.G.
Armand Schaubroeck - Ratfucker Publicity Photo
Armand publicity photo from "Ratfucker" era
Armand Schaubroeck - Shakin' Shakin'
"Shakin' Shakin'"
7 inch cover
Armand Schaubroeck - Churchmice 45 Cover
1965 - Side One
(autograph is from
1991, I'm sure)
Armand Schaubroeck - Churchmice 45 Cover
1965 - Side Two
Armand Schaubroeck - 1976
Armand - 1976
Armand Schaubroeck - 1976
Armand & some young smoker - 1976
Armand Schaubroeck - Ratfucker Series
"Ratfucker" era
Alternate publicity photo
Armand Schaubroeck - In Concert
Armand - Cuffed
The Armandettes?
Armand's Back-up
Hop, Hop, Hop!
Armand Long Ears
"Hop, hop!"
These last 3 pictures here were borrowed from a friend of a friend on MySpace... Based on the look of the back-up singers' hair and the look of the Easter video below, I'm guessing that these were taken somewhere around 1979.
Armand Schaubroeck VideoArmand Schaubroeck Video
Ok, it's not much... but during late June, 2004 a Rochester, NY television station had this speck of video as part of a "this week in local history" flashback segment. It is brief... but this helps back up the argument that the "A Lot of People..." LP came out in 1974 or so.

Click here to see the footage (.mov format)

And now, for your viewing pleasure... some classic House of Guitars commercials from the late 1970s... enjoy...


Here's a great one from our friend, Nuno! Love it! New stuff that looks totally perfect for the day... nice work!

Here's some audio... until Armand finds the time to kill me and make me take this off my site...

Baby! Baby! Stay Gone - from Shakin' Shakin' (1978)
Click to listen

My Warden's Circus - 7" version of song from "A Lot of People Would Like to See Armand Schaubroeck...DEAD" LP (1975)
Click to listen

I Wish To See Color - from the "Live at the Holiday Inn" LP (1978)
Click to listen

Solid Gone - from Jerry Porter's 1966 LP "Don't Bother Me!" which was produced by Armand. (1978)
Click to listen

3/4 Mostly Lovin' - Another track from the 1966 Jerry Porter LP
Click to listen

Here's a link to a well-done essay by Julian Cope. It's a pretty good introduction to get an idea of what Armand is all about until I can develop things a bit better here...

Armand Schaubroeck Timeline/Discography
There appears to be a little uncertainty about when many of Armand Schaubroeck's releases were actually released. Please contact me if you know of any errors listed below.

1963 - With the band Kack Klick
7 inch - Lord My Cell Is Cold/One More Day and One More Night

1965 - With the band Churchmice
7 inch - Babe We're Not Part Of Society/College Psychology On Love

1966 - Armand produces an LP from Jerry Porter - "Don't Bother Me"

1968 - In response to a billboard campaign encouraging the youth of America to cut their hair, Armand and H.O.G. launch a billboard campaign encouraging the youth of America to "Let it Grow." The billboards are included in Walter Cronkite's newscast and this October, 1968 Scholastic Scope magazine feature.

1971-72 - "A lot of People Would Like to See Armand Schaubroeck... DEAD." There may be some debate about this date. I'll just say this: When I interviewed Schaubroeck in 1991, he suggested to me that there was talk about making a movie based on the LPs. This project was to have been done as a colaboration with Andy Warhol, who was shot in July, 1968. Andy's shooting put the project on hiatus... Or so Armand said.

The LP is a Quadraphonic recording, and this website states that the quadraphonic format used was CD4. This Quadraphonic format was introduced by JVC in 1971. That puts the release of the LP at 1971 at the earliest.

Pictures inside the LP's fold are dated "70" - which is consistent with a possible 1971 release date.

1972-1974? - "I Came to Visit, But Decided to Stay"
Some report the record to be released in 1972. This letter from the man himself puts the record at 73/74.

1975 - "A lot of People Would Like to See Armand Schaubroeck...DEAD" (re-release, perhaps?)

1978 - Double LP - "Live at the Holiday Inn, ""Ratfucker" & "Shakin' Shakin'" released

2008 - Word on the street is that Armand has broken his ARM, AND that has brought a hold to any new recordings that he might be working on.

Again... I have much more information and more to share... T-shirt, shopping bags, interview, press clippings, etc... stay tuned...