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I do my best to keep an up-to-date list of some of the new music getting airplay on WIDR FM and WIDR World. Obviously, I can't put it all here. For one, WIDR doesn't always get it all. There's lots of music out there (it's a Wider World than you think), and not everyone cares if people in Kalamazoo can hear it. Some people think that "Kalamazoo" means out in the middle of nowhere.
If you are in a position to send me some new international music, please send me some E-mail so I can give you mailing information. I'll review your music, play it on the air and (if you have a page with more info) throw a link on the WIDR World page somewhere.
For more information (and sometimes tickets!) listen to WIDR World on 89.1 FM WIDR, Kalamazoo
Konono No. 1 :: Live at Couleur Cafe
Coming shortly after their digital-only EP, Live in Tokyo, Konono Nº1 have given the rest of us a chance to experience the energy of their live performances with their new CD, Live at Couleur Café. It really is a non-stop blast of lo-fi techno-roots music, featuring several likembés being run through crude amplifiers and blasted out of bullhorns, whistles, chants... an amazing experience to behold. Descriptions can't do it justice... you really do need to listen to it in order to appreciate it. Three thumbs up!
(Crammed - 8 tracks - 56 minutes)
Taraf de Haidouks :: Maskarada
Taraf de Haidouks are a wonderfully large group of Eastern European musicians with a versatile repertoire. Previous releases have included plenty of Romanian music in addition to music from Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and other locales. This new CD, Maskarada, features 6 original compositions and 8 others by such composers as Béla Bartók, Manuel de Falla, Aram Khachaturian and others. The band does not read music, so tackling the selected compositions was no easy task. Their hard work is apparent on this release, sure to please anyone whose ear leans to Eastern Eurpean music.
(Crammed - 14 tracks - 59 minutes)
Songs of the African Coast: Cafe Music of Liberia
Songs of the African Coast: Cafe Music of Liberia is a collection of 18 songs from 1940's Liberia. There are two acts featured on the CD: piano and voice duo, Howard Hayes & Malinda Parker; and the larger ensemble, The Greenwood singers. Topical songs abound, giving a glimpse into the converstions that must have been held at these cafés. Many of the songs are downright funny. Mostly sung in English, this is a great CD for people just starting to sink their teeth into the wider world of music that is waiting to be explored.
(Yarngo Music - 18 tracks)
Manu Chao :: La Radiolina
It's been 6 years since Manu Chao's last CD. In the interim, he did produce a great CD by Amadou et Mariam to help keep his fans occupied. This new CD, La Radiolina, is certainly worth the wait. New listeners may be put off by the seeming repetition of sounds, but old fans will not have a problem with Manu Chao stealing his own songs throughout the CD. Bouncy and upbeat, even as the lyrical content often has its way with the world, this is a non-stop toe-tapper. Using 3 languages throughout, this is another CD that works well as an introduction to international music for those people so inclined...
(Nacional Records - 21 tracks - 51 minutes)