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Each week we seem to get more and more music down at the station. Just when I start to fall in love with a new release, something else starts pushing its way in. So before I let that "old" music slip into yesteryear, I put it here. Think of it as the Old Folks Home for new music.
If you are in a postition to send me some new international music, please send me some email so I can give you mailing information. I'll review your music, play it on the air and (if you have a page with more info) throw a link on the WIDR World page somewhere.
Fiamma Fumana - Onda
Onda is the third release from the Italian band Fiamma Fumana. Onda, which means "wave" in Italian, continues their balancing act of blending traditional songs, vocals and instrumentation with modern beats and sensibility. This is the type of music that non-English-speaking musicians need to be making if they have their intentions set on making inroads into the American music markets. They're not selling out, mind you... they're just making music that stands a good chance of being listened to by people who might not otherwise give "world music" a chance.
(Omnium Records - 12 tracks - 48 minutes - enhanced CD)
Hurdy-Gurdy / Prototyp
Hurdy-Gurdy is a new Swedish two-man band comprised of Stefan Brisland-Ferner from Garmarna and Totte Mattsson from Hedningarna. The two got together with their hurdy-gurdies and a Macintosh computer and created this splendid CD. They swear that every sound you hear was made from the Swedish hurdy-gurdy... and what a variety of sounds they have created. At times the songs are folky, and at other times they sound like 21st century electronic music... every song is a joy. Three WIDR World thumbs up!
(Northside Records - 12 tracks - 51 minutes)
Suphala / The Now
Suphala could be the one to bring Indian music to the kids of today. Indian born and American raised, Suphala plays the tablas, and has studied under the likes of Zakir Hussain. She travels to India at least once a year so as to stay true to the traditional sounds, but she also involves lots of folks that are totally distinct from traditional Indian music. Her CD "The Now" enlists people as varied as Norah Jones, Vernon Reid and Melanie Griffith. This is the real deal, but there is enough modern sensibility here that this could really be adopted by today's audiences.
(Rasa Music - 12 tracks - 54 minutes)
Listen to samples & buy it now with iTunes
Harv / Polka Raggioso
Harv's latest CD is a collection of 10 fast-paced instrumentals. Polka Raggioso is the band's third CD, and they've even included a couple "chick hits" as a way of enticing the ladies to listen. There's not much that I can say beyond encouraging you to seek out the samples via iTunes or the NorthSide website... listening is believing. Great music to keep you warm on a winter night.
(NorthSide Records - 10 Tracks - 42 minutes)
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Swap / Du-Da
Swåp is comprised of two Swedes and two Brits. The stuff on this CD (their third) is mostly original, and mostly instrumental, though there are some traditional songs as well. Mostly fiddle, guitar and accordian, this CD is a good effort for the quartet. A nice blend of Scandanavia and the British Isles, people may really enjoy their reworking of the Swedish national anthem as well as their modern-day social commentary on such songs as "Se På TV (Watch TV)."
(Northside Records - 12 tracks - 47 minutes)
Listen to samples & buy it now with iTunes